This is Phagein Blue

From the Greek root phagein, meaning “to eat”, comes PhageinBlue, providing the first, all-natural colorant for swallow studies. PhageinBlue Colorant, LLC was founded by a Speech Pathologist for health care professionals involved in the management of dysphagia to better meet the diagnostic needs of you and your patients.

  • PhageinBlue is a natural product made from the extracts of vegetables — not an artificial petroleum- or coal-based colorant like the FD&C Blue No. 1 and No. 2
  • PhageinBlue is comprised of  anthocyanins  derived primarily from the extracts of carrot and cabbage and has nutritional value
  • PhageinBlue is packaged into individual sterile units that are intended for one-time, one-patient use. Individual packaging increases patient safety by decreasing the risk of bacterial and viral contamination that may occur when using multi-use, multi-patient bottles.

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